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Rescuing German Shepherd Dogs Across Texas

German Shepherd Dog

What is GSRTX?

German Shepherd Rescue of Texas (GSRTX) is a 501c3 foster-based, all volunteer, non-profit dog rescue in Texas. We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating German Shepherds from Texas shelters, with a primary focus on rural or low-traffic facilities for large-breed dogs. These dogs have been abandoned, neglected, or abused with an uncertain future at the shelter and we are committed to helping them find their happily ever after. Join us on our journey to live #therescuelife!

German Shepherd Dogs and founders of GSRTX

Our Founders

We are Kristin and Craig Hensley. We founded this organization with a passion for German Shepherds. We have 4 of our own starting with our 1st Molly, Milo, Moe, and Zozo. We both work full time and save Shepherds every spare second we get. Our mission is to save as many Shepherds in Shelters as possible. We also firmly believe the right dog will find the right home at the right time for the right reason. So we are never in any rush. We prefer to find the perfect match for each of our fosters. The Happy Tails section below is why we do what we do. There is nothing more rewarding then a Happy Tail.

-Happy Tails-

Want to help GSRTX?

German Shepherd Rescue of Texas is here to save German Shepherd Dogs in shelters. Most people do not know that German Shepherds are one of the most euthanized breeds in shelters across the US, especially in Texas. We are hoping to change that. In order to do that we will need your help. If you are interested there are several ways you can lend a hand.

GSRTX Logo German Shepherd Rescue of Texas
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