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President and Co-Founder of the German Shepherd Rescue of Texas GSRTX

Kristin Hensley- President and Co-Founder

Hi I am Kristin. While my husband may have originally picked German Shepherds as the breed we wanted to adopt it was me that picked Molly. Little did  I know she would become a huge daddy's girl and basically be Velcro to his side. She is the one that truly made us fall in love with the breed and made us decide to adopt more. As we took each one in we truly realized how special the breed was and how each had their own unique personality. We are firm believers in saving shelter Shepherds. There is nothing more devastating then finding an amazing GSD only to have to walk away due to lack of space. We do our best to have a work/life/rescue balance however most of our family will probably disagree. My husband Craig likes to say I am the method to the madness. I organize and keep the day to day operations flowing. I manage the social media as well as process and organize the applications. I also handle the majority of the match making with a lot of feedback from the fosters and Craig. I guess you can say I am a Jack of all trades within the rescue. Please feel free to come say hi at one of our events.

Vice President and Co-Founder of the German Shepherd Rescue of Texas GSRTX

Craig Hensley- Vice President and Co-Founder

Hi all I am Craig. I first was interested in German Shepherds after heavy research on a good family dog that would also be protective. I traveled a lot for work and wanted a buddy to hang out with Kristin while I was gone. I badly wanted a boy dog. Little did I know that Kristin would convince me to adopt a girl. Honestly I am glad, I did Molly is my baby and goes everywhere possible with me now. I take her personally to meet each and every dog that comes into the rescue. I guess you would say I am the evaluator of the rescue. I go to each shelter and figure out what dogs we should take in. Molly has now done 100's of evaluations over the years. At this point we even have shelters and other rescues come and evaluate non GSD's to help them get adopted. I also am the primary person to make intro and application calls. As well as the majority of vet visit appointments. I work full time with a strange schedule so its not uncommon to see me out running on zero sleep. Kristin is truly the method to the madness and helps keep everything organized. If you ever want to know more or chat feel free to swing by an event and say Hi.

Medical Director of the German Shepherd Rescue of Texas GSRTX

DR. ALEXIS SIROIS DVM- Medical Director

Oklahoma State University Graduate and current Dr. at North Carrollton Veterinary Hospital 

Originally from Argyle, Texas, Dr. Alexis Sirois attended Oklahoma State University for undergraduate, getting a degree in Animal Science. Knowing she wanted to continue her passion for animals at America’s Brightest Orange, she completed her DVM at Oklahoma State as well in 2019. Her fields of interest include ophthalmology, pathology, and orthopedics. When she is not at work, she loves to watch sports, and by far football season is her favorite time of the year. She also enjoys running and reading with her dogs & cats.


While Dr. Sirois is the Medical Director of the rescue, she is also a GSRTX Alumni- adopting Murl in 2020. Dr. Sirois may not physically see every animal that comes into the rescue she is made aware and consulted for every animal that needs anything greater than basic routine attention. Her expertise and love for animals helps the rescue to provide the best of care and make very quick decisions when time is of the essence. She is an indispensable asset that GSRTX is lucky to have.

Director of Finance of the German Shepherd Rescue of Texas GSRTX

Gina Sanborn- Director of Finance

Gina comes to the rescue with years of taking in mutts and strays from all walks of life. While her passion for animals may not have always been in the way of working with a rescue her love for animals is unwavering. Her background as an accountant for a major lawfirm before her retirement has allowed her a specific set of skills that is greatly needed within GSRTX. As a result of her taking over the books she has helped the organization get the finances in line to earn the coveted Platinum Level Seal with Guidstar. She helps to ensure GSRTX never takes in cases that would jeopardize the care needed for the animals already within our care. As well as helps us plan out and take on more challenging cases. This area of the organization is critically important and with Gina’s help GSRTX will continue to thrive.

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