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I want to adopt. Can I have someone call me to discuss it before I apply?


Please fill out an application as your FIRST FORM of contact.

We do not allow you to visit with dogs before you have completed the application process and are approved.

Out of respect for the privacy and security of our foster homes we do not allow you to talk to fosters without prior approval. We will do our best to process your application quickly. On average we typically process an application in 5 business days and contact with next steps.

If we adopt a dog, but it does not work out in our home, can we bring the dog back?


While this does happen occasionally, it is our responsibility (yours and GSRTX’s) to make every effort to find the right match for your household the first time around, and it is your responsibility as a new owner to obtain the training, assistance, and equipment to successfully integrate your dog into your household.

Please be willing, able, and sure, that you are up to the challenge before you bring a new dog home. Thoroughly evaluate your REAL preparedness, commitment, and ability to own a German Shepherd Dog before you adopt.

If the unfortunate event occurs that the dog is not working out, GSRTX will make every effort to bring the dog back into the rescue in a timely manner. However keep in mind as a foster based organization we may not always have a spot open, and you may need to work with us on holding the dog safely until one does.


If we adopt, can we house our dog outside in a kennel or doghouse?


We believe it is in the best interest of our dogs to live in homes where they will truly be part of the family, as indoor pets, adequately protected from theft, disease, escape, skin conditions, etc. We do not allow any of the dogs that come into GSRTX to live outside and any applications that state that will be the case will be denied without further explanation. 


If I have already adopted from GSRTX and want to adopt again, do I have to go through the entire adoption process?


In most cases, no. Please contact us privately at this point you know how. Let us know if there have been any significant changes (Living situation, other animals, etc). You will generally be re-approved without further delay.  We love when GSRTX Alumni come back and adopt again!

If I have already been approved by another German Shepherd Rescue in the area, do I need to go through the approval process for GSRTX?


Yes at this time we do not take any referrals from any other organization. We have a very unique process that no other rescue can duplicate. We understand our application and process are significantly more thorough, but we pride ourselves in matching the proper dog for your family.

If I want to adopt a dog, but I will be out of town for awhile, can I ask GSRTX to “keep” the dog for me until I get back?


Unfortunately, no. We do not have kennel or boarding facilities, and our foster homes are always full. We do not have the financial resources to provide homes for dogs for any longer than necessary. When you are ready to adopt, then adopt. If you go out of town, arrange pet sitting or kenneling for your dog. If this is not the right time for you to adopt, wait until you come home.


In addition, we do not hold dogs for anyone, including approved adopters. If a specific dog is important to you, you need to make the effort to see that dog as soon as you can. There is often more than one person interested in a dog at any one time. Experience has proven that the interest of the dog is not served by placing them on hold, even for a short time.

As with any rule there are rare exceptions to this policy. Example being we know the dog you are trying to adopt is the perfect match however our busy work schedules are just not aligning up with yours. We will never ask you to take a day off work or bend over backwards to meet a dog.

I really have to have a particular dog I saw on the website. If I am first to apply for that dog, do I get him?


No. We do not place dogs on a first come, first served basis. Our main goal is to act in the best interest of each dog. We will evaluate all interested potential homes based on the needs of the particular dog. Most of these dogs have been abandoned and neglected, and we do everything within our power to make sure the home they go to is truly a “forever home” where they will not only be loved, but well cared for physically and emotionally.


Our foster homes weigh heavily in placement decisions as they have the knowledge and insight into the needs of the particular foster dog. We believe a dog’s foster family knows that dog’s temperament and personality best. They will be your greatest asset (and ours) in helping to determine if their foster dog will be a good match for your family. The foster’s assessment of the dog/adopter interaction and interview with the potential adoption will be taken into serious consideration in any determination of approving a specific adoption. 


My dog is not acting like it did at the foster home’s house. Am I doing something wrong?


There will be an adjustment period when you first bring your dog home. You will receive more information about this in a packet we provide our adopters. Adjustment varies from dog to dog, and depends on the situation they may come from and how long they have been in their foster home. There are too many variables to put on one general page, but we will be in contact with you during the transition to make sure things are going smoothly and address any questions or concerns.  We want us to be a resource for you as an Alumni of our organization.


The adjustment period can range from hours, days, weeks, or up to a few months. In most cases, these dogs have been abandoned, ignored by their previous owners, or turned into a shelter, having little interaction with someone who cares about them. Others we are amazed that no one came to look for them in the shelter! Most are extremely receptive to attention, but new situations are stressful, and this is why we suggest you always take it easy the first week…always allow the dog to come to YOU and don’t push the dog into accepting you immediately. This can make a huge difference in the dog’s perception and can greatly reduce their anxiety and stress level (and yours!). Our fosters’ work hard in gaining the trust of these magnificent dogs, preparing them to “re-enter” a world where they will be loved and accepted. 

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